the 10 creative commandments  pt. 1

the 10 creative commandments pt. 1

Recently I posted a video about my personal 10 Creative Commandments – 1 year post-quitting my job to be a creative full-time.

It was nearly impossible to expand on any of my points in just 60 seconds, but I'm so happy that even a short summary seemed to help a lot of you guys. It's crazy I was soooo close to not even posting it, and now the comments on that video have single-handedly reminded me why I do what I do!!! 

So let's get into it  ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

1. Start before you're ready. 
The biggest realization I've had is that 1. no one knows what they are doing and 2. you'll never be "perfectly" ready. It's a myth and self limiting belief that will keep you standing still. It will keep you feeling like "if I could just get one more ____ before starting that piece/quitting that job/posting that video THEN I'll be ready". STOPPP

Banish that thinking!!! A quote that really hit me hard as I was preparing to quit last January is "leap, and the net will appear". It might seem cheesy – but it replays in my head constantly to this day (especially yesterday as I nervously signed the lease to a new studio!!).

I feel that the universe won't present you with the opportunities you seek unless you place yourself in the right channel. Which takes a mix of mindset, environment, and action.

2. Get it or get out •ᴗ•
VERY IMPORTANT ‼️ Only surround yourself with people who get it. I'm sooo serious. This will singlehandedly change your life. That whole thing about you being a sum of your five closest people is so true. And most of the times, it just one person to really "get" you.

Cut off anyone that makes you feel weird, or too much, or "cringe". I promise you that by doing that, you're opening yourself up to a world of people that get it. Putting yourself out there expedites this process. Put yourself in places you want to be! I've met some of the most inspirational and cool friends at gallery openings I've shown up to alone when I first moved to NYC. 

Someone not "getting you" or your art, is a them problem. Don't make it your problem, just focus on yourself. 

3. Your life is art 
Maybe it is just because I like to romanticize everything, but this one really changed my life artistically. Affirm to yourself that you are art and an extension of your art. It's a huge perspective shift I have had this year, zooming out and seeing my life as a character in my greater storyline.

Also, this is why I started letting my collections take over my life. In the form of what I wear, listen to, focus on, etc.

I've said it before, but in case you are just finding me, it has made me more present than ever before. It opens me to new side quests and trying new things all in the spirit of the art. This red piece was draaama, sultry, and bold and I do say I think I have done a great job of living these things in my personal life. Only some of it I document for the internet. 

Historically, "important" art becomes important because of who is behind it, and their story, and the context in which it was created. So tell your story, stop being shy!!! hehe

4. Heal / feed your inner child
I think this is also just generally a quest we all face as adults. But in the past year, I have felt like I have brought my inner child back to life. Consciously allowing myself to be whimsical and do things I was afraid to do, not just as a kid, but as a teen and even in college. A great way to do this is taught in The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron – artist dates.

These look like committing to yourself that at least once a week, you will do something creative with yourself. Tomorrow, I'm going to try ceramics for the first time as my date.

I don't plan on ever doing anything professionally with ceramics, which makes it even better. Last week I found an archery range at a warehouse in Brooklyn. I felt like a kid again. It made me so happy it literally inspired me. You get it.

5. Question Everything
I felt like so much of my past year was about unlearning "rules" and self-limiting beliefs and questioning why they exist in the first place. Honestly, therapy was a huge driver in this. I finally found a quality therapist a year ago who helped me question everything. Questioning everything (internally and externally) is soo simple yet SOOO powerful. 

This has helped me so much. I remember one of the first instances when this clicked for me – I hated how the 11:11 piece looked as a print. I thought it looked good as the original, but so ugly as a print.

At the time, prints were the only thing I sold other than the piece itself, so it was important for my income. I felt like a failure (?lol dramatic) and a bad artist and I was so frustrated because I felt "forced" to release it as it was, 
because a print has to be an exact copy of the original, because that's how it always is. right..?  

Ok, according to which rules.. why?

There's no rules (!!!) I wanted to create a version with additional framing, typography, and color gradients, and make the print-version of the piece look different than the actual piece. So I did, and I felt a million times better.

And I know it sounds so small, but it helped me identify that subconscious "voice" in my head, that we normally don't even question. If you don't start becoming suspicious of that "voice" (everyone has one), then those limiting subconscious thoughts can lead to holding you back in much bigger ways. 

This is getting long and emails can be a lot to digest.

Sending Part 2 next Wednesday morning.  •ᴗ•

I haven't written long form before on my platform and I would love to know if you like it or any suggestions. DM me or send message via contact form on my website. ❤️
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